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      4.   Its main products are medicine intermediates like: 2,2'-Dinitrodibennzyl, 1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboximide ... Date:
          1-nitro-2-[2-(2-nitrophenyl)ethyl]be ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformimde
        3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane HCL
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformic Anhydride
        N-Amino-3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboxylic ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformamide
        2-Bromo-6-formamide Cyclohexa ...
        2-formamide Cycolhexanone
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        Anhui Jinding Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ., general manager JiangAiPing to chizhou college investigation 2012-10-20
        Production capacity of 300t / a imide technological renovation construction project completion and acceptance will 2012-09-05
        Congratulations to our new website on line 2012-08-10
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